Empower yourself by utilizing multi-faceted approaches to self-exploration, movement, meditation, & holistic wellness.

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Mindfullness and Mobility


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Natural Reintegration Project

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Mindfullness and Mobility

Mindfulness and Mobility is a movement practice, aimed at individuals who wish to have a holistic approach to movement. You can attend classes form where ever you may be in the world. Click the link below to learn what offerings I have.

I Write as a form of expression and release, if you want to take a deeper look click below…

My Dreams

The Natural Reintegration project is in the process of creation. I am working on ways to integrate my traditional values as an indigenous person, of the Samahaquam / Chippawa Nations into a world run by western values. Below is the link to the mission statement written by Myself in co-operation with members of the Samahaquam Nation.


Founded in 2016 by Devon French empower_move_ment, is the foundation to the mindfullness and mobility offerings, as well as any other movement or yoga related offerings.

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Located in Vancouver BC. Canada