Intro to handstands online workshop! 


Handstand workshop

Payment for onetime use to Devons handstand workshop. attending this workshop is for personal use, teaching drills or using content from the workshop for commercial use is prohibited.


Date: March 21st 2021

Time: 10:00 am Pacific time 

  1:00 pm  Eastern time 

  7:00 pm  Central European time

This workshop is aimed at those who would like to learn about the mechanics of handstands in a more in depth way.  We will break down familiar and unfamiliar drills into very small and accessible pieces. That way we can all feel like we rock when we leave the workshop. 

I find that what I see when I look out into the world of handstands is that our bodies are seen as mechanical, just repeat this 10 times and hold this for 1 min! I feel like this leaves a gap in connection to what is happening inside. 

How is your body feeling in this drill?

How are you feeling emotionally? 

Do you feel inspired to do this again? 

I do not plan to ask these questions for y’all to answer in the workshop.  I just create space within the exercises to have an inner dialogue while training. 

My approach is one that prioritizes transferable skills, such as patience, focus, and body awareness. As a side effect you will build strength, mobility and the ability to feel connected to your handstand practice rather than survive it. 

 We will start out slow, take the practice onto the floor, where there is less resistance. To then do repetitive movements that are all transferable to sought after skills within the handstand realm. As well they are movements that make moving through your daily life more enjoyable. 

Then to slowly add resistance and to build the handstand in an integrated and connected way that feels good in the body. 

Sounds pretty epic! I think so too! 

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