Devon French

Shorter bio

Devon French has been physically active from a young age. Starting with children’s triathlons, he moved on to soccer, basketball, boxing, and weightlifting.

Upon finishing high school, Devon knew he wanted to stay on the path of health and fitness. By the age of 21, he had obtained his personal training and group fitness instructor’s certification and by the age of 24 he had begun his yoga instructor training.

This greatly inspired Devon to reassess what it was that he wanted to offer as a health and wellness teacher. With this in mind, he began to shift toward using movement as a form of self-awareness. After many years of practice, he came to find yoga somewhat limiting and began to search for ways in which he could expand upon movement. Although he searched for more, he prioritized keeping and building upon the awareness practice he had learned from his yoga trainings. This led Devon to explore Acroyoga with a good friend , Slava Goloubov. Acroyoga opened his mind to a plethora of possibilities and led him to Circus West, a local circus school in Vancouver, BC. There he learned basic tumbling and trampoline drills which transformed into a strong acrobatic practice. Devon’s practice increasingly incorporated more standing acrobatics as well as participation in performances. Hearing that dance lessons would help him to become a stronger performer, Devon began taking regular ballet classes.

Given his focus on movement as a form of centering on self-awareness, Devon’s approach to teaching begins with concentrating on becoming more in tune with our bodies. He uses exercises that teach students how to learn their bodies from the inside out. From here he guides students in coming to understand how they can have a greater range of controlled movement. The next step becomes more personal as we then learn how to integrate our lessons into our personal practices and lives. This is not the entire story, it is but the surface of the good work we will do together. Anyone who knows Devon knows he loves to dive deeper. Expect to practice looking inward for answers when coming to learn with him.

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