Natural Reintegration Project

Natural Reintegration Project 

I have been working on a vision to live more sustainably, a way that is closer to the earth.  Through observation of myself and my environment, I am having a harder time convincing myself to continue living in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to in western society.  The writings below are far from complete, They are meant to act as a guiding light for me. I have written out long term goals that can be broken down into daily practices that I choose to do, and that some of you may choose to use as well.

I have a tendancy to think I should wait to take actions until I have my own plot of land and a center on it, So I decided to write out some goals that I would like to work towards. In the long term vision I would like to be a part of a project that helps us to come back to our roots, and come together as people. The center would offer retreats of integration with the land and ceremonies that have come from it. Directly below you will find the mission statement which was written by many minds from the Samahaquam nation. Just as it has taken many minds to create this mission statement it will take many minds to have this project come to life. It will require a comunity of people who are willing to learn and challenge themselve, as well as the guidance of those who may already live this way in their personal live.

Following the mission statement you will find a link to the process we have written out on how we plan to re-intigrate ourselves. Which also has daily practices that I have been using to help realign myself.

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together…

African Proverb

The Natural Reintegration Project plans to bring us back to our cultures from which our identity is founded.

 The land, and animals from which our cultures are derived can become the teachers they have always been for us.  As we walk the land barefoot once again relearning our traditional language will be paramount, we will begin learning and using the traditional names of the local plants, animals, and areas.  Bringing teachers from the local Indiginouse tribes, to teach the spiritual ceremonies and practices to us. Helping all people to remember who we are and where we came from. This project has the potential to be very empowering for everyone. We will learn together how to hunt, fish, and gather, taking our personal power back as well our ability to live freely.

We call upon all people from all over the world to come learn and grow with the help of guides, healers, elders, and counselors. We will band together by respecting our ancestors’ teachings. Simultaneously practicing rituals old and new to deepen our connection with ourself , our spirit, our family unit, and the community as a whole. Because after all, through spirit we are all connected and through celebration we enjoy those connections and learn to cherish them. 

As the NRP grows and expands, it could begin bringing teachers from tribes in other parts of the world to share their practices and wisdom, to become a culture sharing hub globally. We will add a great value to the traditions and languages that are now being lost. Empowering  our cultures, by returning the value that has been devastated by colonization. Devastated – but not destroyed . Our mission is to breathe life back into the ancient thought processes and medicines in order to bring back a state where mental health and physical health are in balance and our true nature can shine through. This state of balance could allow us to explore our human potential, we wonder what we are capable of when we are healthy and are surrounded by a community that supports us fully and honestly. 

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