The need to feel heard can often come across as trying to convince someone to change their opinion. At times we can feel justified in “helping” someone change their view point. I want to discuss the topic today around perspective.  As stated above, we all have the innate need to feel heard and acknowledged. IContinue reading “Perspective”

What about Energy?

I have been throughout my life developing a stronger connection to the non-physical aspect of myself we can call this my energy or my soul.  I have not written too much about how energy affects my movements because it is something that is a direct experience that quickly slips away after my movement sessions.  LuckilyContinue reading “What about Energy?”


Today I want to share a bit about my journey with self-care. I have been prioritizing my health and well-being since I was 16 years old. 16 year old me was focused on aesthetics so I ate “healthy” foods, counted calories, and hit the gym 6 days a week while I was still in highContinue reading “Resiliency”

Waking up to Pain…

I have written this during the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, please read carefully… I feel called to share my story growing up as a indigenouse canadian. trigger warning for those who are carrying ancestral trauma. From a young age in canada the system and people in it have worked hard to pushContinue reading “Waking up to Pain…”


Today I am going to share a Dream I had a couple years ago that held some potent lessons for me. I will start by saying I am no professional dream interpreter, I can notice the feelings and Ideas in a dream though without being too distracted by what surfaces the feelings and Ideas.  SoContinue reading “Dreamwalking”

What about tomorrow?

One thing that has been exposed by our current global situation is the fact that life is not guaranteed. I have been finding myself becoming comfortable again. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is not a bad thing. I advocate for myself taking the time each day to slow down and rest. Only it’s also importantContinue reading “What about tomorrow?”

Facing Reality

Facing reality In the last two weeks here in Vancouver Canada things have gone from buiness as usual too living in a semi-lockdown state. Our boarders have closed to anyone who is not Canadian or a permanent resident. Our restaurants have closed their doors, and all of my work as a teacher of Acroyoga /Continue reading “Facing Reality”

How I move…

The latest phase that I am in with movement has been more moving while learning to listen to my bodies signals during my movement practice. I have found that in order to learn what causes me pain I have had to slow down quite a lot. As when I move at a faster pace myContinue reading “How I move…”

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