Mindfulness and Mobility

Mindfulness and Mobility has been created for individuals who wish to bring movement into their lives in a holistic way. The exercises and drills are taught in a way that encourages connection, from mind to the body, and the body to the self. 

You will begin with very simple and slow movements that are highly accessible. My goal is to be able to improve the quality of movement for anyone seeking. This means no previous experience required to attend class! I personally use these exercises as a way to improve my awareness, and connection to my body for physical practices such as acroyoga, Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, and Dance. 

So the direction that you personally take this practice is up to you. You may just want to bring some healthy mobility into your body, to make moving through your day more effortless. Or you may want to really work towards some physical goals you have set for yourself. Either way, this practice grows to fit you.

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