My Manifesto

This is a personal manifesto, I intend to lead by example. To share freedom through my thoughts, feelings, and actions as best I can each day. I will do my best to see that each day is part of the journey, and will welcome anyone who finds value in small consistent effort, to journey with me.

I intend to help myself, and my community find personal empowerment within. I will discontinue telling others the way, as I do not know the way I can only feel it within me. I will assist others to find their own connection within and to go through the challenges that may arise.

What I stand for is self-empowerment, the part of ourselves that understands the inner workings of life. The part of ourselves that is connected to everyone and everything. I will continue to seek and strengthen this connection within myself.

My vision is to inspire others to seek this self-knowledge through the medium that inspires them most. I see a world where we remind each other who we truly are on a daily basis. And work towards freedom within our own minds and hearts.

If this resonates with you reach out!

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