Are You In?

Thank you for your interest in participating in the” Mindfulness and mobility”, and “Natural Reintegration Projects” online program. When choosing to take part in this course, it is essential to make sure you are prepared to see many sides of yourself and to face yourself more fully and honestly. 

To inquire about what’s below the surface. As well as to begin to create a more wholesome connection to yourself Physically (the body)by implementing a physical practice into your daily life. Intellectually (the mind)by adding a practice of journaling and meditation. Emotionally (the heart) through the physical body, you will implement exercises to listen to your body, and in turn, begin to open up emotionally. As well as Spiritually (the self) by creating a sacred space in your home. 

The centuries-old Medicine Wheel practice is mapped across the Plains Peoples’ territories and continues to be honored to this day. The underlying teachings of interconnectedness, balance, and harmony are common across Indigenous Peoples’ worldviews and practices in personal, community, and global health. You may have seen the Medicine Wheel represented in contemporary times in the image below. This represents the 4 directions, as well as each larger grouping of Peoples: Caucasian, Asian, African, Indigenous.  All are equally of value because diversity is beautiful and necessary in Indigenous understandings. 

In this course you will be guided to learn about yourself, only the individual can be truly honest with themselves and find balance in these aspects of self. 

Does this work light up your heart? Then sit with the thought of joining for a couple days, make sure that you are prepared to do the hard work that will come with agreeing to take part in this course.  Please avoid making a snap decision thinking that this is going to be fun, beautiful, and transformative. That is all true, however, at the same time, it will be difficult, potentially uncomfortable, and eye-opening.  

This being said please make sure that you have adequate resources available to you. 

Make sure you have the support that you may need during the course.

Mental health, and emotional health (counselor, Elder, family, and friends) 

Physical health (health practitioner) 

Spiritual health (community Elder, or support person) 

As well as the finacial resourses to pay the cost of 495$ CAD

We will of course be in this together! 

The time commitment will be what you have space for each day. Week one will be a week of guided observation, that can be done during your normal life activities. Week two will consist of guided identification of areas where you may be using excessive energy. Week three will be a week of guided cleansing. Finally, week four will be the week of implementing new habits that will help you fortify a deep sense of self-respect. This will all be a part of your “normal” life. You don’t need to take time off work to take part in this course. 

Thank you for taking the time to read over this. I hope you have a good day of introspection and planning to be able to fully immerse yourself in this work.  If the answer is still yes…

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