A program designed to become part of your life.

What inspires you to actively work towards feeling healthy and fulfilled?

For many of us we are so busy doing our best to balance our time between family, work, and life’s many curveballs. We usually have little time left to work on our personal goals, let alone looking inwards to find inspiration.

We can get so into our routines that we may not realize our habits are in direct contribution to the depletion of our energy.

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This is not a self-improvement course there are already enough of these out there.  I know if you are reading this you are already amazing and talented. I would say this is more of a self-acceptance course.  Acceptance of both the amazing, and the at times harder to accept aspects of who you are.

From his diverse background of training as well as hands-on experience, Devon has created a program that is meant to meet you where you are at in your life. A program that will fit into your life, and that will be co-created with you to work towards your physical goals. You will over one month learn to gently incorporate healthy habits while simultaneously un-learning habits that may be taking up much needed space in your life. Devon has used this program himself to create consistency and balance in his life.

The four aspects that affect our health…
I have found that when my practice touches on these four aspects it feels fulfilling and meaningful.

Whats included?

Devon will only take on 5 clients at a time. This will allow for adequate personalized attention and focus to be given to each client’s daily movement plans.

Ready to Apply?

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