Acroyoga and Me

My internal state and how I practice acroyoga is something I reflect on regularly. I have some big personal goals as well as goals for an ideal community. I see a place where myself and others can come and be accepted as they are and encouraged to grow and evolve together.

On days when I am feeling fulfilled, this goal seems much more attainable. I practice as a form of play, curiosity, and connection to self / others. I feel more inclined to express myself more as well. By making new flows or just moving through feelings and thoughts. The way I communicate and connect from this place is also usually open and honest. The way I am received by others seems to reflect this inner connection.

This place is where I strive to LIVE from as well as practice. It is also the foundation I feel a healthy community may be built.

On the flip side, if I am feeling in a state where I am not feeling heard or my needs are unmet. My motivations might be inspired to seek attention, be better than someone else, or to be overly controlling of the situation. My communication feels more challenging. I am usually not trying to be fully honest about where I am at in the moment. These traits definitely cross over into my “normal” life as well.

These two very different states of being are not the only ways I can feel. They are the ones that stand out the most to me. They have also both had very different effects on my body. Playful, curious, and fulfilling Acroyoga leaves my body feeling limber, effortless, and free. I usually have an abundance of energy to “try once more”. I also feel fulfilled after a training session.

When I practice in the second state, I notice first that I have much less energy. My body is in more discomfort from higher levels of tension. After training, I have more muscle pain, and I wake up the next day feeling tight and overworked. Not ideal, but this state is also needed to learn to move and do my best even when I am not feeling my best. I have set the bar high for myself to be open and honest as often as possible, to allow myself to be the best partner I can be. I have also learned that I need to be compassionate when I am not there. Without becoming stagnant.

This cannot be done alone. I need a partner and a community to accept me as I am so I can begin to accept myself more deeply.

This is the beautiful part of the acroyoga practice: we need each other for it. The community is a necessity, and without it, the practice does not move forward. I hope to hear some of your thoughts on the acroyoga community. How do you view your/our community?

2 thoughts on “Acroyoga and Me

  1. I started Acroyoga in a particular moment of my life, it was an amazing gym to increase the communication into relations.
    I mean, sometimes we don’t need words, we need contact, connection, we just need to trust.
    Be part of a community can support when you are in difficult giving you an opportunity of changement


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