Today I am going to share a Dream I had a couple years ago that held some potent lessons for me. I will start by saying I am no professional dream interpreter, I can notice the feelings and Ideas in a dream though without being too distracted by what surfaces the feelings and Ideas. 

So here I am flying through the air with a snake wrapped around my neck, I have a very comfortable feeling with the snake.  The snake then playfully bites my hand and says “if I did bite, you would become temporarily paralyzed.” The thought of this causes me no stress at all as I have a sense of deep trust. Next the Snake stated “ people who use psychedelic drugs are not learning anything, the lessons they feel will not make lasting change in their lives”.

I knew that we were making our way to a very huge celebration of a supreme emperor. As we fly overhead we can see for miles a line of people coming to deliver gifts of Gold objects, rugs, and food for the celebrations (the time period feels around the egyptian empire). 

Upon my arrival I have an entourage of one older male, and two females. I have a knowing that we are all part of a mystery school. A man comes to tell us we need to prepare to meet the emperor. The elder male in our group expresses his annoyance with how far we needed to travel to prepare. After some walking we find our little jungle hut where we need to prepare ourselves for the emperor. 

The scene jumps back to the palace as we arrived, the snake slid off my neck and onto the floor. My consciousness followed the snake, my body stayed behind. The snake went into a hallway where it saw a man, my intuition tells me this man is very narcissistic and has caused much harm to many people.  The snake then wrapped around his neck and strangled him. This man happened to be a part of a theater company so everyone cheered thinking he was acting and preparing for a show. 

My consciousness comes back to my body. We are walking up a spiral staircase up to the emperor’s room. There are many naked women in the room, and the two women that were part of the school I am in enter the room while I stay out and wait on the stairs. 

When I had this dream I had been experimenting with psychedelics and had been beginning to question their uses. To me the dream was a clear sign to stop, I needed to do the work in my life to bring about the states of consciousness that I had experienced. I implemented this lesson after this dream and discontinued. 

To me the emperor represents my highest potential, and the preparations representing the physical work I would need to do to meet this part of myself (not that I have plans to become an emperor).  The old male complaining about the work also showed the part of myself that wants the easy route and feels entitled to be given it.  I can feel this in my dream as the old man feels like he has done so much work and deserves to be treated as “more special”. 

The next scene this narcissistic man surfaced the narcissism in me,  the snake strangling the man was a message for me to let this part of me go and it would be celebrated. Just as in the dream all the people cheered when the man was strangled. 

In the dream I had a sense of being ready,to receive knowledge. The spiral staircase to me represents my own journey of maturing, the naked women representing abundance, lastly me waiting on the stairs shows me that I was stuck at the time not being ready to see the emperor/ my highest potential yet, as I know once I have seen it I can’t unsee it. 

This is an old dream, reflecting back on it today shows me that I have been moving forward even if I might not see it in the moment. I have been doing my best by really seeing these aspects in myself. I know when I originally had the dream I projected the negative roles outward. I did this because reflecting those aspects onto myself caused me to feel deep shame and guilt. I was not ready to experience this at the time.  Now I feel comfortable enough with myself to witness the uncomfortable, and the painful. This allows me to experience compassion for myself, and others who may be making choices that lead to pain and suffering. 

Today I decided to visualize the end of the dream and imagine myself walking through the door. When I enter  all the people are looking at me, they are waiting for me, I feel like I am being fully witnessed and accepted. Even though this is in my imagination it feels real to me right now as I write this. I have to take this opportunity to those of you reading this who have witnessed me in person or are witnessing me through this writing. Thank you so much for seeing me.

6 thoughts on “Dreamwalking

  1. Wow! Amazing stuff, Devon! Your interpretation makes total sense to me!
    Our ancestors speak to us in our dreams too…


  2. Even though you initially perceived the dream in more of a negative light you still wrote it down to find today for a whole new prospective and lesson! Cool how the same dream during different stages of life can have such different meanings. Very intuitive interpretation of the dream. Clearly your in tune with your self.


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