How I move…

The latest phase that I am in with movement has been more moving while learning to listen to my bodies signals during my movement practice. I have found that in order to learn what causes me pain I have had to slow down quite a lot.

As when I move at a faster pace my focus is moved more into my mind, and I would say that I am using my body to do things. Regardless of what name I put on it whether it be yoga, acroyoga, or movement. I can still just be in my mind and then feel my body again once I slow down. This is something that I am exploring currently in my practice.

I am slowing my practice down and simplifying it. I notice that when I do this I feel a much more subtle feedback from my bodie and I have much less surprise sensations after I am done training. I am working to gain more awareness and coordination in my body. I listen to the small sensations before they become louder and more painful.

I love practicing acrobatics and handstands, and what I would like to explore about these types of practices is to see if I can lessen the impact that they can have on my body. So far I have found that my movement practice does not look like anything amazing from the outside, and that it feels amazing to my body. The goal being one day to bring as much awareness as I have in slow simple movements into all the different practices I choose to do.

I am sure this is possible but I can’t be 100 percent sure as I am not in a place where I can keep this level of awareness in all aspects of my movement practice. To be spacific I move move into my mind and use my body when I am learning new skills many times. Especially when I fall into needing to perform well to impress others.

I say the words (use my body) as a personal reminder that I am not fully connected to my physical body when I am distracted in my mind thinking about movements, and achievements/ looking good. That it’s possible that I may feel more used after practice. Although I do not feel used when I practice from the foundation of connection to my body and myself.

I feel that this is quite that task, and it’s good that I love looking Deeper into my practice and myself. Also through practicing in this way I am unlearning old habits. Learning that my value does not come from what I can do. I am learning that what I personally place the most value on is connection to myself to my community and to the natural world.

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