Facing Reality

Facing reality

In the last two weeks here in Vancouver Canada things have gone from buiness as usual too living in a semi-lockdown state. Our boarders have closed to anyone who is not Canadian or a permanent resident. Our restaurants have closed their doors, and all of my work as a teacher of Acroyoga / movement has all come to a possible temporary end.

Although I feel connected to my spiritual practice which helps me find some calm in the storm. This has not changed the fact that I am a biological being. This sudden change has shocked me in unexpected ways. It has shown me how reliant I have allowed myself to become on a system that is not as stable is we once thought.

As I write today I reflect back to my childhood, when I would visit my grandmother and every summer she would be canning and preserving foods just in case. She had probably a years worth of food in her pantry. Annother thing I noticed about her growing up is she did not waste food, her process in the kitchen was meant to use everything and avoid waste as much as possible.

I have noticed that I have allowed myself to come quite far away from these roots. I have stop thinking about being prepared, with food and supplies for a time like this. Now that this seemingly reliable system is faltering I am noticing how the things that my grandmother and mother used to make time for and placed value on, I have not continued this into my life. I have not been as careful about waste and my lifestly has slipped into excess. Excess take-out, and Travel which means excess resourses.

After allowing myself to face these facts is challenging, esspecially when I come from a cultuer that has lived so closly with the earth and lived responsibly. I have been feeling the call fro sometime to come back to my roots and to the land I have been knowingly ignoring this call, mainly due to fear of lack ( of knowladge or resourses to do this). At the same time I have not made enough space in my life to learn what I would need to learn to live closer to the land.

Seeing all of this has shown me that I need to prioritize learning more about living in a way that is more inline with the unknow aspect of life. I have been living on the fence thinking that I will do this later in my life, because I have more important things to do now, and in the span of a few short week the things that I thought were so important have suddenly dissapered.

This has pushed me off the fence and onto the ground. allthough I may have been nocked over I know that I will stand up and start learning. Since this has all happend I have been practicing practical life skills. I am prepared to make the move back to my territory, and begin to learn and practice practical life skills. Such as hunting gathering and perserving, and not out of fear or to hoard, just to be preared for the up swings and downswings that life is full of.

I am not planning to give up on my Acroyoga, and movement practice and teaching, If things go back to “normal” I will just prioratize the aspects of theses practices that are most important to me, while simultaniouly learning the skills that have become so obviously crucial to life on earth.

7 thoughts on “Facing Reality

  1. Thank you for sharing this Devon! There are many of us that are feeling similar, wanting to reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestors and connect with the earth and a more sustainable way of life. Let’s all keep connected–those of us who are passionate about movement and acrobatics and don’t want to give it up, but also want to shift in this direction that you talk about. To create communities combining all these passions and values would be pretty beautiful I think!


  2. Oh I so feel you on this!! 2016 I went to a 6 month permaculture program. I wanted to learn how to live on land, farm, and practice ritual ( starhawk was my teacher ) I wanted to be prepared, to be in a position to teach my children to protect my family from a possible system disruption. I would give anything to be on land with line minded. To live in harmony with the earth. To connect deeper to creator, to Gaia, to our ancestral knowledge. Yes to all of it. I think over past couple days I’ve been really hard on myself for not following through on that. I question my WHY with Acro everyday that I prioritize it over something that feels deeper , more connected to spirit and promotes understanding life outside the system. I’m ready for that community again. Thank you for posting this my friend. Stay well.


  3. Hi Devon! I relate so much to your words. I have been studying some of these practical skills in the past few months, including sustainable house design, and returning to some traditions like canning or drying food, or simply going back to growing, or even recognizing/acknowledging these plants. Nowadays, I do recognize all the value of these lost skills and traditions have and that our society would gain so much to go back to them. Lets all together learn and share them, ensure these skills and traditions live on.


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