Mindfulness and Mobility

The Approach of mindfulness and mobility, is one that is centered in what I feel. What my training looks like comes second to my relationship to my body. I am building a stronger relationship with myself through my connection to my body.  

If you think about how you build a relationship with someone, there are some things that stand out to me, that are crucial in healthy relationships:

  1. The ability to listen
  2. The ability to express your needs, wants, desires openly knowing that the other party may not agree fully with them. 
  3. The ability to respect the boundaries set by the person you are relating with, while simultaneously holding your own boundaries. 

I approach my practice and teaching in this same way I would approach building a relationship with outside myself. This might seem strange and it works effectively for me.

I do patterns of movement and I do my best to think of them as questions to my body. Then I do my best to listen as effectively as I can to my body’s response,  How does this feel? Then I repeat the patterns and monitor their effects daily and over time. 

Sometimes I can feel the answers very easily, and can adjust my movements as needed in the moment. This becomes more tricky as movements become more complex, faster, or have more pressure to them. 

I then chose goals that are long term goals, that are complex, faster, and more physically demanding. I break the skills down into smaller pieces and bring them down to a level that I can do effortlessly. Then I repeat and slowly add and make more complex things that I could almost view as a negotiation with my body.

 As I work towards the goals I am adjusting daily, as well as monthly. Being a living human being somedays I am in top shape and can push harder without issues, other days I can be emotionally overwhelmed, or physically exhausted. I don’t want  to feel like a scumbag if I need to make adjustments to honour where I am at each day.  At the same time I would like to get out of the habit of doing the bare minimum.  

The way I keep these two extremes in check is by recording my training each day, having records keeps me accountable, and keeps me on course while simultaneously giving me permission to relax because I have solid physical records of how much effort I am putting in. It’s not vague, it’s concrete.  As well it can light a fire under my lazy ass when I am getting too comfortable. 

I love moving. You will catch me moving throughout the day like you would observe in a child who is just fully immersed in the moment. I observe much of movement to me as a playful exploration of inner sensation, in communication with my outer environment. 

 I am working towards  training under more pressure. I have noticed through long term observation, that I will cause the same patterns of overuse injury/ pain if I add too much pressure too soon. I have managed to notice the exact pattern of how my body has been coping with my lifestyle. I say coping because if I am being perfectly honest I have been abusive to myself and my body.  We’re going on a little tangent because it’s important to me. 

The way I treat my body, myself, and how I have allowed myself to be treated in my relationships are so connected. As well the inner self talk and what I focus on are all part of the equation. My training and program all started with self acceptance, and I mean full self acceptance. Not the peace, love, joy everything is so blissful kind of self acceptance. ( although now where I am today everything seems pretty dam great) 

Then I chose goals that I WANT to work towards!! Not goals some person or expert told me I should work towards. The value of being super honest with myself here is what got me moving towards what I want in my life. I am doing what I absolutely want to do! I  have no question marks here I WANT to move, and I WANT to feel absolutely amazing in my body and self! I also want to do incredible skills effortlessly so I can express who I am through movement.  I am doing the work because it feels good not out of guilt or needing external pressure. 

This is a trial and error practice for me.  Sometimes I don’t hear the signals and I get pain, this is how I learn. Next time I won’t push that hard or I’ll approach this differently. I definitely am over shitting all over myself when I make a mistake. This is a waste of energy at this point, even though it was a necessary part of learning for me. ( remember to take time here to shit all over yourself for shitting on yourself for making mistakes in the past) 

I do the work for me first, and I share it in hopes to find the people who are seeking something and they are not quite sure what it is they are seeking. I want to help you establish a connection to yourself and that’s all.  

How can I assist you may wonder?

The only way I can help is by being very clear about myself, my desires, and my boundaries and share my own experience and the tools I used to bring me to this moment in time. That’s all and it sounds simple and it is. 

Should you train with me because you feel like you should do something? NO!! Do you feel excited to train with me? Yes !!! Then Sign up for some classes and get moving today. 

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