Paying With Your Attention

As we begin to become the creators of our own lives, our own teachers, our own cheerleaders, and at times advocates for ourselves to live in our own unique ways. Many of us are starting to bump up against the old and tired systems of domination and control. 

 Witnessing so many people creating systems that work best for who they are, is very exciting we are evolving fast. Many in my circles are cultivating a stronger sense of who they are within this ever-moving and ever-evolving puzzle called life. 

We are looking to turn our backs on what was, we know in our hearts it is no longer serving us. Many that I speak to, including myself, are craving something “more” and are willing to learn, practice, and fail to find out what this more is. 

More and more of us are realizing the potent power of our attention, and we are choosing more wisely where we allow our potent and powerful energy to flow. 

Like who are we elevating? 

How are they affecting those closest to them? 

How are they affecting our shared environment?

I will run not run the assumption here that I am good on this topic, I will assume that I am doing great and that I have so much to learn from those that have elevated me in the past or present. 

The old Hierarchy is tired, and it’s hurting real people. 

I am choosing not to pay attention where it is not able to be reciprocated. People who are untouchable could never pay respect back to us for all of the attention and energy we give them. So why give it in the first place?

I think it’s a good time to stop waiting around for these ancient systems to change, and start paying attention to ourselves, and to those who really show up for us.

Something I know is that my thoughts affect reality in profound ways, even though I was told this as an idea, I passionately put it under my focused attention for years, I trained myself to be able to have an empty mind so that I can consciously choose what I will think about. Or better yet I can be clear enough to hear the quiet voice of my intuition. 

What do you honestly think about daily? 

Can you focus your attention on something regardless of whether it is exciting or not?

These are important questions to not answer immediately but to slowly answer over the rest of your life 😉 

Thank you for your time and attention, I am usually quite available to chat or reciprocate attention so leave a comment or send me a message if you want to talk more on the topic.

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