Worldview check, how many times do we assume that people all see the world in the same way that we do? I want to share here my own unique worldview that has been shaped in relationship to my family, community, as well as colonial systems.  I want to first acknowledge that I am an IndigenousContinue reading “Becoming”

Paying With Your Attention

As we begin to become the creators of our own lives, our own teachers, our own cheerleaders, and at times advocates for ourselves to live in our own unique ways. Many of us are starting to bump up against the old and tired systems of domination and control.   Witnessing so many people creating systems thatContinue reading “Paying With Your Attention”


Something that I have always held inside myself is sovereignty. in contrast to what is happening online and in the media sovereignty is still untouched. Something that I learned in my life is that we all have a right to exist freely it is an inherent right.  Indigenous peoples in Canada and all over theContinue reading “Aliveness”

The “T” Word

I have been reading a book called “Waking the Tiger Healing Trauma” by Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick. It has been a very validating experience for me.   I have been working through my physical pain. I have been having some strong reactions, as I sink into being fully present I would feel a senseContinue reading “The “T” Word”

In Hindsight

Well it’s been quite the year that is for sure!  I thought about doing a post just to share about how I have been doing over this last year as a way to connect and share where I am up to these days. To start I want to say that this year has been equallyContinue reading “In Hindsight”