Facing Reality

Facing reality In the last two weeks here in Vancouver Canada things have gone from buiness as usual too living in a semi-lockdown state. Our boarders have closed to anyone who is not Canadian or a permanent resident. Our restaurants have closed their doors, and all of my work as a teacher of Acroyoga /Continue reading “Facing Reality”

Shall We Choose a Side?

From my personal perspective, based on the media that I am being exposed to on a daily basis I am beginning to see a pretty pervasive trend of pitting one group against another. The issue that’s currently closest to home for me is Indigenouse land title in the beautiful so called British Columbia Canada.  BCContinue reading “Shall We Choose a Side?”

The Yoga of Repression

I went into an interesting place after I began practicing yoga. I began to think that I should learn to be ok with everything and always see the silver lining, as well to always be kind and “good”. I saw the Gurus and teachers and they would mostly speak as if everything was perfect forContinue reading “The Yoga of Repression”

Remember Dreaming?

Coming home to the land is something that my soul craves.  I have felt this for a number of years. I have a vision of people living back in harmony with the land in a big way. Having this large dream that I feel is my responsibility to bring into the world, has caused meContinue reading “Remember Dreaming?”

Colonization, moving forward, through embracing the past.

Colonization,The action or process of settling among and establishing control over the Indigenous peoples of an area.  This has the potential to be a very polarizing topic in the world today. Although in my opinion it does not need to be. I would like to open up about my personal first hand experience with beingContinue reading “Colonization, moving forward, through embracing the past.”

Acroyoga and Me

My internal state and how I practice acroyoga is something I reflect on regularly. I have some big personal goals as well as goals for an ideal community. I see a place where myself and others can come and be accepted as they are and encouraged to grow and evolve together. On days when IContinue reading “Acroyoga and Me”

Destination LA: The ebb and flow of coming to trust my intuitions.

Let’s start by saying  that I have been longing to take a road trip  to LA and to visit Mount Shasta California for about a decade now. Being  asked to teach at LA Acro Festival was a sign that now time to actualize these dreams. I decided that I would not  book anything ahead ofContinue reading “Destination LA: The ebb and flow of coming to trust my intuitions.”