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  • I am a Base…
    I wanted to talk a bit about Acroyoga. I have been doing this practice since 2012. Everyone gets hooked into flying at first because it’s such a unique and incredible sensory experience that leaves you wanting more. Due to my size I shifted pretty rapidly into being a base.  As a base you become anContinue reading “I am a Base…”
  • How are my emotions physical?
    I was told by the chiro to stretch my chest. I find through observation of my environments that when we are asked to stretch or strengthen a specific muscle we tend to think about it in a robotic way. Do exercise A, for a set duration and repeat daily. Now I am not saying thisContinue reading “How are my emotions physical?”
  • Becoming
    Worldview check, how many times do we assume that people all see the world in the same way that we do? I want to share here my own unique worldview that has been shaped in relationship to my family, community, as well as colonial systems.  I want to first acknowledge that I am an IndigenousContinue reading “Becoming”
  • Integration
    I have been feeling like my inner teenage suppressed emotions are surfacing, I have deep respect for who I was as a teenager. I would not hold back what I thought and had a sharp tongue. That being said I also had to suppress parts of myself that were not acceptable at the time.  ThisContinue reading “Integration”
  • Paying With Your Attention
    As we begin to become the creators of our own lives, our own teachers, our own cheerleaders, and at times advocates for ourselves to live in our own unique ways. Many of us are starting to bump up against the old and tired systems of domination and control.   Witnessing so many people creating systems thatContinue reading “Paying With Your Attention”
  • Aliveness
    Something that I have always held inside myself is sovereignty. in contrast to what is happening online and in the media sovereignty is still untouched. Something that I learned in my life is that we all have a right to exist freely it is an inherent right.  Indigenous peoples in Canada and all over theContinue reading “Aliveness”
  • Mutual Respect
    I don’t need to go far to witness people wanting change in the world! We all can see some glaring issues, inequalities, and outright abuse. Many of the issues appear to be systemic, so naturally, we call for systemic changes.  We gather and call for changes to happen on the outside! I have to sayContinue reading “Mutual Respect”
  • Alignment
    Alignment Is this something that can be cued from the outside in?  When I think back to the days that I practiced Westernized Yoga 6- 8 times per week, I remember each class being heavily focused on cueing “proper” alignment. This was done while simultaneously telling us to listen to our bodies.  At the timeContinue reading “Alignment”
  • The “T” Word
    I have been reading a book called “Waking the Tiger Healing Trauma” by Peter A. Levine and Ann Frederick. It has been a very validating experience for me.   I have been working through my physical pain. I have been having some strong reactions, as I sink into being fully present I would feel a senseContinue reading “The “T” Word”
  • In Hindsight
    Well it’s been quite the year that is for sure!  I thought about doing a post just to share about how I have been doing over this last year as a way to connect and share where I am up to these days. To start I want to say that this year has been equallyContinue reading “In Hindsight”
  • Authenticity
    So what does it mean to be authentic anyhow? I am feeling some physical sensations in me that are new, I feel moments when I want to contract and not be seen fully. It’s like a squeezing in my ribs, it feels energetically like I am cutting myself off like I don’t deserve to beContinue reading “Authenticity”
  • Perspective
    The need to feel heard can often come across as trying to convince someone to change their opinion. At times we can feel justified in “helping” someone change their view point. I want to discuss the topic today around perspective.  As stated above, we all have the innate need to feel heard and acknowledged. IContinue reading “Perspective”
  • Mindfulness and Mobility
    The Approach of mindfulness and mobility, is one that is centered in what I feel. What my training looks like comes second to my relationship to my body. I am building a stronger relationship with myself through my connection to my body.   If you think about how you build a relationship with someone, there areContinue reading “Mindfulness and Mobility”
  • Mindfulness is it worth it?
    There is a deep importance to accepting things as they are in the moment. Whatever your mental state is currently right now, it is exactly as you have trained it to be. Let’s talk meditation I would say that in my experience of meditation we come in with the approach of becoming better. Better atContinue reading “Mindfulness is it worth it?”
  • What about Energy?
    I have been throughout my life developing a stronger connection to the non-physical aspect of myself we can call this my energy or my soul.  I have not written too much about how energy affects my movements because it is something that is a direct experience that quickly slips away after my movement sessions.  LuckilyContinue reading “What about Energy?”
  • Resiliency
    Today I want to share a bit about my journey with self-care. I have been prioritizing my health and well-being since I was 16 years old. 16 year old me was focused on aesthetics so I ate “healthy” foods, counted calories, and hit the gym 6 days a week while I was still in highContinue reading “Resiliency”
  • Waking up to Pain…
    I have written this during the Black Lives Matter movement on social media, please read carefully… I feel called to share my story growing up as a indigenouse canadian. trigger warning for those who are carrying ancestral trauma. From a young age in canada the system and people in it have worked hard to pushContinue reading “Waking up to Pain…”
  • Dreamwalking
    Today I am going to share a Dream I had a couple years ago that held some potent lessons for me. I will start by saying I am no professional dream interpreter, I can notice the feelings and Ideas in a dream though without being too distracted by what surfaces the feelings and Ideas.  SoContinue reading “Dreamwalking”
  • The Sweat Lodge Lessons, and Living a balanced life…
    I just did my first healing “retreat” called The Natural Reintegration Project. It has been on my mind for quite some time, a retreat that challenges us to slow down and feel the things that are more subtle in life. To share the practices that have striped away the aspects that can cause added sufferingContinue reading “The Sweat Lodge Lessons, and Living a balanced life…”
  • What about tomorrow?
    One thing that has been exposed by our current global situation is the fact that life is not guaranteed. I have been finding myself becoming comfortable again. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is not a bad thing. I advocate for myself taking the time each day to slow down and rest. Only it’s also importantContinue reading “What about tomorrow?”
  • Facing Reality
    Facing reality In the last two weeks here in Vancouver Canada things have gone from buiness as usual too living in a semi-lockdown state. Our boarders have closed to anyone who is not Canadian or a permanent resident. Our restaurants have closed their doors, and all of my work as a teacher of Acroyoga /Continue reading “Facing Reality”
  • Shall We Choose a Side?
    From my personal perspective, based on the media that I am being exposed to on a daily basis I am beginning to see a pretty pervasive trend of pitting one group against another. The issue that’s currently closest to home for me is Indigenouse land title in the beautiful so called British Columbia Canada.  BCContinue reading “Shall We Choose a Side?”
  • The Yoga of Repression
    I went into an interesting place after I began practicing yoga. I began to think that I should learn to be ok with everything and always see the silver lining, as well to always be kind and “good”. I saw the Gurus and teachers and they would mostly speak as if everything was perfect forContinue reading “The Yoga of Repression”
  • How I move…
    The latest phase that I am in with movement has been more moving while learning to listen to my bodies signals during my movement practice. I have found that in order to learn what causes me pain I have had to slow down quite a lot. As when I move at a faster pace myContinue reading “How I move…”
  • Remember Dreaming?
    Coming home to the land is something that my soul craves.  I have felt this for a number of years. I have a vision of people living back in harmony with the land in a big way. Having this large dream that I feel is my responsibility to bring into the world, has caused meContinue reading “Remember Dreaming?”
  • Colonization, moving forward, through embracing the past.
    Colonization,The action or process of settling among and establishing control over the Indigenous peoples of an area.  This has the potential to be a very polarizing topic in the world today. Although in my opinion it does not need to be. I would like to open up about my personal first hand experience with beingContinue reading “Colonization, moving forward, through embracing the past.”
  • Acroyoga and Me
    My internal state and how I practice acroyoga is something I reflect on regularly. I have some big personal goals as well as goals for an ideal community. I see a place where myself and others can come and be accepted as they are and encouraged to grow and evolve together. On days when IContinue reading “Acroyoga and Me”
  • Destination LA: The ebb and flow of coming to trust my intuitions.
    Let’s start by saying  that I have been longing to take a road trip  to LA and to visit Mount Shasta California for about a decade now. Being  asked to teach at LA Acro Festival was a sign that now time to actualize these dreams. I decided that I would not  book anything ahead ofContinue reading “Destination LA: The ebb and flow of coming to trust my intuitions.”
  • Self-Care
    The most valuable gift I can give myself is my own undivided attention. Sounds easy enough and on days where I have managed to have my needs met this can be a much easier undertaking. However, there are also those days when I have not been sleeping well or I have fallen into the habitContinue reading “Self-Care”
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